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Gypsum Board Partition in Dubai

We are Providing Gypsum Board Partition Services in Dubai. This section contains a full range of lightweight partition and wall systems for use in new and existing BuildingsĀ Apartments Room office partition gypsum board installationĀ  They cover all applications, from simple space division to high performance walls Qas Technical Services.L.L.C.

Gypsum Partition and Installations

We specialize in creating and installing partitions that are the perfect way to create separation in your working environment. Our partitions can help you divide your shop in order to highlight different products and ranges, and we offer both straight and curved solutions that are made in a variety of different materials.

Gypsum Wall Partition Services

We at Home Solution Dubai, offering the best gypsum contracting services and gypsum ceiling works in Dubai. Our team holds professional experience in reliable installation services. These cater demands of workplaces to homes, offices, and showrooms. In addition, the most important factor with an office and warehouse partition in Dubai is functionality.

Gypsum Board

We provide high rated Gypsum Board Works in Dubai including partition, false ceiling etc. Our expert team are highly experienced and skilled in styling and finishing. We prefer to meet the expectations of our customers with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. With our extreme innovative ideas, you will get a reframed structure of your home. All you need to do is to hire us.